WHO ARE WE [yes, you too, oh reader]

Craft beer lovers who will chase a great tap like amateur meteorologists will chase the storm of the century. We are knights and motley fools, both, who will ride across darkened skies in a crusade for the taps that pour the beer that bewitches.


Events where we drink beer. Visit breweries, brewpubs, brewhouses, bars and restaurants with a locabibe draft list. Attend festivals, tastings, competitions, seminars. Brew beer. Write out our impressions, our evaluations, our flavor profiles for all to see. Take pictures. Have fun.


The greatest beer show on Earth: San Diego County. Occasional junkets run northwards to other CA counties, south to the burgeoning brew scene in Tijuana, or perhaps even other US states.

But San Diego sucks at producing big weather systems and storms. Yes, you are right.

As to how this came to be, I solemnly swear that the following is true:

After a lifetime in Chicago, my spouse moved me to San Diego in 2011 to rejoin our household, after 5 years of a long distance commute in our relationship. Sunny San Diego where, in weather terms, every day is Groundhog Day in repeatability and an early Spring forecast. But I looked for rain. I’d wake in the morning and if the sun wasn’t fIaring through the mini-blinds, I’d build a small reservoir of hope. I looked all that Spring, and all that Summer. Minus a few silver dragée beads of moisture on the morning lawn…Nada! I acquired a new jargon of words like semi-arid, drought-tolerant and water-wise in my kitchen and garden. May Gray and June Gloom, with their overcast coastal skies felt promising but never delivered those precious drops of water.

Finally in November, a big, sloppy rainstorm was delivered in Mission Valley. I was on my way to and from the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival. Walking. Yes, I wanted to SAMPLE the fine beer of San Diego County and had no limo waiting with a designated driver and a jar of Grey Poupon. So I sloshed home, walking under the frightening and haunted viaduct on Camino De La Reina at the 163. Then, shortly after that night, I went back to Chicago to work my old job during the Winter months.

My epiphany that night after the festival was that the real rain in San Diego and environs is the majestic, lavishly concocted beer made here. Of course, we’re famous for towering double IPA’s impregnated with grapefruit pith and evergreen. But our county also produces flawlessly euphonious barley wines, stouts of every phylum and genus, and black IPAs with their charred fruit rind and retreating malt. About 60 other beer styles from blondes to brun, chiles to smoke, chime in with great frequency at the taps.

So, yes, now my stormy skies rain brilliant craft beer year-round. And, I’d love you to stand in the rain and lift a pint with me.