BREWSTORMERS  was founded to foster the growth of a voluminous, unique, and vibrant craft beer scene in San Diego County. To this aim we work with independent craft beer establishments that wish to:

  • Create a unique marketplace identity
  • Promote that identity through special events and social media
  • Navigate and address some of the operational challenges common to newly opened craft beer businesses

Whether you are the owner of a craft beer bar, restaurant, brewery, brewpub, or beer-related shop, we can work with you to develop a plan of action to become a defining presence in the community. One-time or ongoing events, classes, festivals, social media, and press exposure are some of the market components we can help you establish. We collaborate with some of the best and brightest specialists in these marketing fields to make sure that you gain the spotlight and customer base you deserve.

These are several of our recent events with San Diego beer establishments:

February, 2014: Happy Hour and Wii-Competition Night at Toma Sol Tavern

March, 2014:  Coin-Op: Barbecue and Drake’s Brewing Food Pairing

April, 2014: Grand Opening of the Ugly Dog Pub

May, 2014: Sunday Social Hour with La Jolla Brewing Co.

Please contact us for help with planning a special event or for creating an affordable promotion strategy to put your business in the limelight . We will work closely with you to make magic happen for you and your customers.