Joe is a chef and culinary educator by trade. He trained at the Cordon Bleu Chicago and ran a catering service followed by a cooking school for over 10 years.

Joe’s love of craft beer began in Chicago, where he began pairing beer with food as ardently as he had with wine for many years. The microbrew movement of the early 90s, the great Goose Island, a trip to Seattle, the Maifests of Chicago, barn-nosed Orval. All these and more nurtured his love of liquified malted barley.

Moving to San Diego was a ticket to heaven. From iconic breweries to garage band, nano-nano brewhouses, to the greatest beer boulevard in America, to the brilliant home brewing scene, the gargantuan Beer Week. Muah!-It has made all of San Diego’s horrible, year-round sun worth enduring.

The focus of attention these days for Joe is educating others about drinking fine beer, cooking, and the synergy between the two. He is busily putting together online demonstrations and modules to help others enjoy the Culi-Beve heaven he has rapturously discovered existing right here on this planet.