Alpine Beer Co.


India Pale Ale




On tap at the brewery and brewpub

Where I bought it / Format / Price

Alpine Beer Co. / Growler / $16

Company Beer Description

“Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra hop Single IPA”

Alpine HFS 2

Pouring / Tasting / Reflections

I first tasted this at a holiday party very briefly along with Grape, Alpine’s barley wine. I loved it immediately and made a mental note to schlep over to Alpine to growler it up. The growler was opened at one of my own gatherings that had cancellations. Bottom line: I ended up enjoying the better part of this while watching holiday classic movies.

Wow, this beer punches me in the palate with flavor! A symphony of citrus rind, as bright and cogent as an IPA gets. The aroma and taste are equally powerful with a refreshing, light finish. There is a tiny patch of earthy punch, squarely in the middle of the palate which otherwise is surrounded by floral and citrus notes. Alpine once again illustrates the brilliance of a west coast-style IPA. HFS: Holy F*cking Sh*t!

Words I would use to describe this beer

tangelo rind, gunpowder tea, candied citron, bubblegum, lemon thyme, rose hips, lemon chiffon pie

Pair with these foods

beet and goat cheese salad, chocolate pots de crème, shrimp poached in HFS


liquid sunshine

Holy F*cking Sh*t! This beer punches me in the palate with flavor!
Flavor/Aroma 98
True-to-Style/Unique Stamp96

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