Night Ryder


BarrelHouse Brewing Company


Imperial IPA


8.3% / 75


In 22-ounce bottles

Where I bought it / Format / Price

Bob & Jan’s Bottle Shop, Cambria, CA / 22-ounce bottle / $6.99

Company Beer Description

“This Imperial Black Rye IPA breaks down and rebuilds the boundaries between dark malts and brilliant, complex, hoppy IPA aromas that were pioneered here on the West Coast. This beer imparts huge pine and spicy rye complexity with a subtle malt sweetness. Forager Series… Venture off the beaten path. Cheers!”

Pouring / Tasting / Reflection

A Black IPA-style beer, which George Thornton, owner of Home Brewing Co. in San Diego, says is really a sour porter, should be heavy on the dark malt elements with grace notes of citrus, resin, or tropical hops. Typically in an Imperial IPA, bittering hops begin to push to the background of the heavy malt content. I wondered if the same thing would happen in an Imperial Black IPA and what influence the rye would have on it.

Night Ryder pours with a large-laced foam head. Drinking it, one enters a Mordor of dark malt land and never returns. From first sip to last, this remains one dank and dark beer. Never mind searching for citrus and resin here, these are earthy hops. Given the rye and alcohol content, Ryder drinks very smoothly. A rich, hoppy porter indeed, this could accompany the heartiest of campfire breakfasts.

Words I would use to describe this beer

licorice, char malt, balsamic reduction, burnt caramel, red eye gravy, extra crispy bacon, buckwheat honey

Pair with these foods

Smithfield ham, coffee ice cream float, mutton barbecue (Owensboro-style)



could accompany the heartiest of campfire breakfasts Drinking it, one enters a Mordor of dark malt land and never returns...
True-to-Style /Unique Stamp75

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