Ohana Brewing Company Tasting Room

Chatting with the owner, I find him amiable, proud, and studied all at once. He explains that “Ohana” means family in Hawaii and that it took all his family and friends to get him up and running.

Societe Brewing Company

The sour releases at this point... are top secret stuff. One can stand here and dream of the brewer’s beauties inside these wine barrels. Owner Travis trails our group and informs us that this room will NEVER see a whiskey barrel.

A Rough Draft Written in Miramar

Rough Draft is solid therapy for the masses, a beguiling enclave tucked away in the office parks of Miramar. Just like a reputable, 50-minute-hour shrink, you’ll find yourself going back. I’ve done so twice already. Nothing is easier than talking yourself into bliss.