Co-Review: Joe Sochor and Anthony Giannattasio


Barred Aged Stupid Stout


Coronado Brewing Co.


Imperial Stout




12.7 ounce bottles

Where we bought it / Format / Price

Bristol Farms / 12.7 ounces / $9.99

Company Beer Description

“The ‘Coronado Collection’ is the limited release of our barrel aged liquid treasures. This Release #1: Stupid Stout aged in oak bourbon barrels.”

Pouring / Tasting / Reflection

Coronado has slowly been putting together a barrel series with this imperial stout being in its third year of production. The bottle we’re pouring has almost a year of age on it. There is sweet caramel on the nose and palate and a beautiful ‘dish’ of foam on the head. Even though the viscosity is syrupy thick, this tastes like it’s poured on nitro. Having just recently consumed the standard Stupid Stout, Joe can say that the barrel aging transforms it into a polished drink, delightful and not overly complex. There are many facets of molasses for those who like their sugars extra-toasty dark. The style teeters on the edge of a ‘breakfast stout’.

Words we would use to describe this beer

blackstrap molasses, Mary Jane candy, taffy, smoky mocha, red eye gravy, black licorice, sassafras root

Pair with these foods

smoked ham, braised oxtails, molted lava cake with raspberry sauce



Many facets of molasses The barrel aging transforms Stupid into a polished drink, delightful and not overly complex.
True-to-Style /Unique Stamp74

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